Monday, April 5, 2010

Who am I?

I guess i should start is who am i. Well I'm a high school frosh kid who recently recuperated from a major collapse. I've always been know to be a the happy type kid and no matter what you throw at me I can handle, but the truth is sooner or later it all comes crashing down. My downfall started with my grades and my parents. In 8th i was a cool kid very peaceful and liked by everyone (still am) 93 average student. But when I got to High School my grades started slipping. I was cool with everyone I always get along with everyone.

When the first parent teacher conference came along they took away my iPhone (which till this day and beyond will never get back) my father was not happy. I was always the kid who listen to straight forward commands my family members knew that I was scared of my mother and even more my father so I always listened and if they had complains (which is all of the time) I just pretended to listen. But the more they argued with me and threaten me of taking stuff away and other stuff the angrier I got. So now I'm not afraid of them they both know this because they took everything away like a regular parents do no TV, no facebook, etc... I became really depressed cause of this. I started to like being anywhere that I was away from my parents (still do). By winter I thought I was going to kill myself till something changed me into a happy young man.

It was like I just noticed an angel or something like that lol (we'll call her Sky). She was the reason to do better my reason to live and everything. I didn't care if my parents had something to say I was always happy all the time (I guess you can say I was in love blahblahblah). I always wanted to be with her. We only lasted about 2 months Sky dumped me which lead to me wanting to do and doing crazy things not like killing my self but other thing which now that i think where stupid and embarrassing lol. I was all ways cutting classes, not crying but sad and posting everything felt(although i find nothing wrong with that). I wanted to start smoking drinking etc..., but half of me felt like stupid for falling so hard. None of my friends in school could help me because in school it was heartbreak season and everyone had problems of their own which all ended up on my table. I tried listening and tried to help but I couldn't't. It is impossible to help with a broken heart I say.

But my recuperation came this spring break maybe its the fact that Sky and me are talking again. This whole entire spring break I've been doing my homework and some homework that I owe. I never knew why Sky broke up with me, but I don't want to know I'm good just as friends. But one thing I've learned from this relationship is not to rush and it has changed me a lot. I've changed to the Cold Hearted Kid.


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