Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A regular Sunday mourning people say its suppose to be calm and shit. But ummmm where is Mr. Calmness. Let me tell you how my Sunday went -_-

It starts with my brother annoying the crap out of me for the computer. I said I will give it to him when I finish, but he wants it at that moment if it was lying in the middle of his bedroom he wouldn't take it, but if i have it he’s all over it. So I tell him to wait my mom says just give it to him (no homo) but I refused (again no homo). So he pushes me and I push him back and its a fight. I ended up with a not so visible pudgy eye, but I got him good.

Then my mom blames everything on me and starts to scream at me and I swear I was going to go apeshit on the house throwing chairs all around the floor but instead I screamed back. Then she calls my father who comes by later. The whole day I listen to her scream and shout while she is cleaning (typical Dominican mother). I also was watching movies. When my father comes by he gives me a lecture (which was ok) and leaves.
Truth is Sundays are horrible and the only thing that makes it a good day is that school is the next day (no I am serious school is way cooler than home).

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