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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm in love again and I'm scared

So last time this happen I got my heart broken still unknown why.  Star shows that shes scared of what I might do this summer.  Truth is I won't cheat and never will.  Reason... I'm in love again, and I'm terrified about that. But I'll never show it.

I try to stop thinking of the future but I know how this is going to end.  Even if she says she loves me, love wears out and eventually it will happen.  But I am not going to end it before it happens.  I'm going to just go with the flow, and not fight it.  Just wait for my heart to shatter and then turn cold again.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Love is in the Air

Guess what everyone I have a new girlfriend (We'll call her Star).  Now I said to my self I would be single for life and etc. but its not as easy as it seems.  See when I'm single I tend to flirt a bit more than the other guys.

My two sisters say that I'm going down the same path as I did with Sky (which I don't believe).  I'm not, I am going to be less obsessive with Star.  Its not that I don't like her (that would be an asshole move if I just went out with her for the hell of it), its just that if I become the same way as before, the same thing is going to happen and boy I do not want a repeat.  Plus I really like Star she's cool, beautiful, and smart.

This relationship started today... its funny how it began, me and Star became very good friends and one day we were noticed by a pupil from our school who said in quote "are you two cuffin' " which we both found very funny.  Everyone though the same (they couldn't drop the subject) so Star and me played along.  Even when we didn't play along we still flirted and looked like a couple.  Then on Sunday we texted the whole day, she said in quote "we talk like a couple so why don't we make it official?" At first I thought she was kidding so I played along (half sadly cause I wished it was true) so I texted back "thought you never asked". Then I kinda believed it was true so I asked her.  She replied...
In dialogue
"Well not really, you see since Sky is my best friend and your ex I have to ask her if it's ok"
I text "awww"
She replies "It's not that I don't like you, its the girl code...sorry...don't be mad"
"I'm not...(10 mins later) really I'm not mad"
Later I figured out she went to sleep...-_-

So long story short Star asked Sky on Wednesday if it was ok, Sky said yes (I wasn't expecting a no) and we've been going out since 6/02/2010


What happens on an annoying ass day in my dads job?

My Father: Read for an hour
Me: Ok
From 6 to 7
(Reading while listening to music)
My Father: (Rips my headphones off) you can't read like that read for a nother hour
Me: Thats stupid but fine
From 7 to 8
(Reading then at 8 call my dad he's some where in this building)
My Father: Why are you using the phone
Me: I'm not using the phone
My Father: Yes you are
Me: How would you know if your not even here(I'm really getting angry)
My Father: Read till I get there
Me: Fine but I'm hungry
From 8 to 9
My father: (rips phone away) Read
Me: No I already read get out of here with that man (super angry)
My Father: read
My Father: (leaves with a serious face)