Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What happens on an annoying ass day in my dads job?

My Father: Read for an hour
Me: Ok
From 6 to 7
(Reading while listening to music)
My Father: (Rips my headphones off) you can't read like that read for a nother hour
Me: Thats stupid but fine
From 7 to 8
(Reading then at 8 call my dad he's some where in this building)
My Father: Why are you using the phone
Me: I'm not using the phone
My Father: Yes you are
Me: How would you know if your not even here(I'm really getting angry)
My Father: Read till I get there
Me: Fine but I'm hungry
From 8 to 9
My father: (rips phone away) Read
Me: No I already read get out of here with that man (super angry)
My Father: read
My Father: (leaves with a serious face)


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